P.38 Quiz Number Four

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1) A magazine with a serial number located lengthwise across the floor plate would be appropriate for a _____.
a) ac40
b) ac41
c) ac42
d) 'a' and 'b' block byf42

2) In what letter block might one find the unusual slide markings of e/135, eagle over swastika, e/WaA135?
a) byf44 'p' or 'q' block
b) byf43 'p' or 'q' block
c) byf44  no letter to 'c' block
d) both and and b

3) The first 1944 Mauser produced P.38s started at serial number _____, while at the same time Walther started at _____.
a) 1, 1
b) where the 1943 series left off, approximately 7050i
c) where the 1943 series left off, 1
d) none of the above

4) At Spreewerk, the frame lightening hole was phased out around the _____ block.
a) 'c' to 'd' block
b) 'f' to 'g' block
c) 'k' to 'l' block
d) Spreewerk never eliminated the frame lightening hole

5) Which of the following is NOT true of Mauser produced pistols?
a) Mauser production ended in the 'g' block in 1945.
b) Mauser produced all police issue P.38s. 
Thousands of duplicate serial number P.38s were produced - not in error.
d) Mauser used a total of two distinct slide codes.

6) Which is the correct sequence of numbering throughout the war for Spreewerk pistols?
a) No letter series, letter prefix, letter suffix, zero series
b) Letter suffix, letter prefix, double zero series, zero series
c) No letter series, letter suffix, letter prefix, zero series
d) Zero series, letter prefix, letter suffix, double zero series

7) Walther produced the most pistols in _____.
a) 1942
b) 1943 
c) 1944 

d) 1945 

8) The exposed extractor first appeared on the Walther _____.
a) Zero series, second variation
b) Zero series, third variation
c) 480 code

d) ac40 and ac40 'date added' codes

9) Walther never produced a factory wartime _____.
a) single action P.38
b) .30 caliber P.38
c) alloy frame P.38

d) All of the above were produced

10) The 'N' prefix pistols were produced by or for _____ and the 'H' prefix pistols by or for _____.
a) East Germany, Sweden
b) West Germany, Switzerland
c) East Germany, Walther's contract with Interarms