P.38 Quiz Number Two

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1) Chronologically, which pistol series was produced first?
a) ac44 'e' block
b) byf44 'o' block
c) cyq 'g' block
d) cyq 'ac43' FN slide

2) Which of the following is not an acceptance mark associated with P.38 production?
a) WaA/135
b) WaA/37
c) WaA/140
d) WaA/359

3) What is the major difference between a P1 and a P38/II?
a) Re-designed slide without a top cover
b) Barrel length
c) Frame material
d) No significant difference

4) Which of the following should NOT be fired in an otherwise serviceable post-war surplus P38?
a) 9mm Luger
b) 9mm Parabellum
c) 9mm Ultra
d) 9x19mm NATO

5) A civilian Mod HP used in official military service by the German Army can be identified by _____.
a) Different slide serial number placement
b) e/359 marking on the frame
c) e/359 marking on the slide
d) There is no sure way to tell

6) A "rampant lion" symbol stamped on a pistol indicates post-war use by ____.
a) Poland
b) East Germany
c) Austria
d) Czechoslovakia

7) The slide stop return spring does NOT come into physical contact with the ____.
a) Sear pin
b) Sear
c) Slide stop
d) Slide stop return spring stud

8) Which of the following is NOT a method of retaining a barrel sleeve?
a) Pin
b) 6mm set screw
c) Narrow ring
d) Wide ring

9) The serial number of the first post-war Walther P38 is _____.
a) 1
b) 0001
c) 001001
d) 100001

10) All 9mm variations of the P.38 are _____ operated.
a) Blowback
b) Recoil
c) Gas