Does Walther still produce the P38?

As recently as March of 2007, the P.38 was still listed as a current item on the Walther Germany website under “Classic Pistols”

I contacted Smith & Wesson on May 16, 2007 to see if this was true, and if there any plans to import the P.38 into the United States. A Mr. David Valenze of Smith & Wesson support replied on May 18, 2007 with the message:

Unfortunately, there are no current plans to release that model here in the U.S.

I contacted Carl Walther GmbH in Germany early in 2008, as the pistol was still listed on their site. Unfortunately, the reply was:

Dear Sir,
We regret to inform you that the P38 is not produced any more. We will send you a catalog by airmail.
Best regards,
Carl Walther GmbH - Germany

As of March 29, 2008, the P.38 has been removed from the "Classic Pistols" section - that is, if you have selected your language as English. Click the button for German, and it re-appears! Still it is apparent that finally, after over 50 years, P.38 production has officially ceased. This was probably pretty clear anyway, but now it is officially confirmed.


Pictures of the P.38 from Walther Germany March 2008


Web page archive copies:

"Classic" Pistols in German, March 2008. "Classic" Pistols in English, March 2008
P38 Pistol in German, March 2008 "Classic" Pistols in German, May 2007