Late War P.38s

Some of the pistols variations produced in 1945

Walther ac45 zero series

Produced for military sales. Number manufactured: approximately 1200. Commercial serial numbers and locations - thought to be made mostly from excess Mod HP/Mod P38 and previously rejected parts. Odd markings and some German military acceptance and proof markings are found.


Walther Mod. P38

Produced for commercial sales. Number manufactured: approximately 1800. Commercial "Eagle over N" markings.


Mauser svw45

Produced for military sales. Number manufactured: approximately 33,000. These may be all blue, all phosphate, or more commonly a mixture of finishes. Production ceased in April 1945 in the "f" block. Quality control this late in the war remained high, especially compared to both Spreewerk and Walther. The French resumed production shortly thereafter starting with the "g" block.


Walther ac45 (matching serial numbers)

Produced for military sales. Number manufactured: approximately 30,000. The last of the war-era military Walthers. Production ended in the "c" block when the Walther plant was captured in April 1945. Slide stamps may be missing, particularly in the "c" block as seen below where the final acceptance mark is absent. Various small parts may have a phosphate finish.


Walther ac45 (factory mismatch)

Produced immediately post-war at the Walther factory for U.S GIs. Number manufactured: unknown. Serialized parts are found with "c" and "d" suffixes. Most have the first two of the three standard wartime stamps on the slide. Later in the serial number blocks only one or no slide stamps are found. Other stamps (such as "P.38") may be missing, and some parts may have no serial number.

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