Post World War II P.38s of East Germany

At the end of the World War II, the various police and paramilitary groups in the German Soviet zone were armed with a variety of ex-wehrmacht weapons, including the K98k rifle, and the P.08, P.38, and PPK pistols. These were 'reworked' and returned to service, sometimes using new replacement or cannibalized parts from other like weapons until eventually replaced by Soviet arms. Interestingly, East Germany tooled-up and produced a very limited number of 'new' P.38s, Lugers, and PPKs. There were approximately 120 P.38s manufactured, in the serial number range N1000 to N1120. Below are some examples of East German reworked or manufactured P.38s.

7862b: This is a re-worked Walther ac40. It has the original Walther slide, frame with correct Walther grips, a matching East German undated barrel and matching East German magazine. The sunburst symbol to the right of the serial number has been defaced.

8026g: This pistol has a wartime slide, scrubbed on both sides of all markings; only a faint partial letter P from the 'P.38' stamp is visible. The frame is either from a Walther ac43 or ac44, as it is e/359 marked (indicating Walther manufacture) and has the reinforced trigger axle hole (first appearing in the 1943 'g' block). The barrel is an undated East German piece, and the locking block has been re-stamped to match it. Neither the barrel nor the block, both serial numbered 7037, matches the frame. The locking block retains it's wartime e/359 acceptance stamp and proof mark. The magazine is from a very early Walther pistol, and has been re-stamped across the toe with yet a different serial number.

N1027: This pistol is almost entirely of East German manufacture, including the frame, slide, barrel, magazine, and grips. The only part with a wartime marking is the Walther locking block. Most frame markings have been defaced, including the East German 'sunburst' (to the right of the serial number), the 'wreathed AB over 9' (to the left of the serial number), and the 'state eagle' (above the serial number). Only the 'crown over U' symbol above the serial number remains intact. The underside of the barrel has the 'crown over N' proof mark, and the date code 953, indicating manufacture in September 1953. The slide bears no markings other than the serial number.


ac40 7862b



ac44 8026g



East German manufacture N1027


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