Mauser Police Pistol with British Markings


Mauser produced approximately 3,800 byf44 coded P.38s for police use. Pistol number 2063 below is one of these. At some point it fell into the hands of the British, who applied their own set of markings to the barrel, frame, and slide.

The markings on this pistol indicate it was proofed under the 1925 British proof laws. The laws were changed in 1955, and one of the changes was the removal of the requirement of the "Not English Make" marking, indicating this pistol was tested by the British prior to 1955.

This pistol was proofed at the Birmingham Proof House. "NP" is the nitro proof mark, "BV" is the Birmingham "view" mark, and "BP" is the proof mark for parabellum pistols (source: The Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof House, Birmingham, England).

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