WW2 German/East German/Czech/British marked P.38

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This P.38 has a Spreewerk frame, a Mauser slide, and a Czech barrel with a Walther locking block. As evidenced by its markings it has seen much use.


The frame is of 1945 Spreewerk manufacture. It also bears a post-war East German Administrative District 17 (17 in a sunburst) marking next to the serial number, followed by the Birmingham nitro proof mark (crown over BNP). Under the left grip is the frame control number 772, a marking unique to Spreewerk manufactured frames. An early Walther accepted trigger (eagle over 359) is installed.

Frame left side

Field stripped with grips removed

Frame left side close-up

Serial number, East German, and British markings

Under the left grip

Frame control number


The Mauser slide is fully accepted and proofed by the Germans (WW2) on the right side, but has had the serial number ground off the left side and is re-stamped to match the frame. The front left side of the slide bears the Birmingham nitro proof mark. The firing pin has been modified to the East German style.

Slide left side

Showing wartime and post-war markings

Slide left side

Old serial number ground off and new one applied

Slide left front

BNP marking

Slide right side

WW2 Mauser markings


The barrel is of Czech manufacture and is stamped WaA76 on the left side (indicating it was intended for wartime use by the Germans), and 'fnh' on the underside. It also is stamped on the top with the Czech 'rampant lion' indicating post-war Czech use. British proof marks are found on the top of the barrel, conforming to the 1954 Rules of Proof. This indicates the pistol was proof tested in England between 1954 and 1989.The locking block is of wartime Walther manufacture and is both proofed and accepted. It appears to have the remnants of an old serial number that was not completely ground off, and is stamped with the last three digits of the frame serial number.

Left front side of barrel

WW2 German acceptance mark

Underside of barrel

Manufacturer code 'fnh' and locking block serial number

Top of barrel just forward of chamber

Post-war Czech marking

Top of barrel above chamber

British proof mark

Left side of locking block

WW2 German proof mark

Right side of locking block

WW2 Walther acceptance mark

Front barrel flat

Serial number


The grips are of wartime manufacture, as is the Mauser magazine.

Wartime grips

This type would most likely be found on a Walther pistol

Standard wartime magazine

Late Mauser, marked P38v on the left side and eagle over WaA135 on the spine


As seen by the numerous and varied markings, this pistol has seen use or at least been present in five countries: Nazi Germany, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, England, and the United States.

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