Updated 17 August 2011

These pictures show the results of what happens when alcohol, stupidity, extreme boredom, or some combination of the aforementioned is taken out on a P.38. Unfortunately, this page will be ever-expanding. Remember, if you get the urge to do something like this, just walk away!

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Want an ac42 and a 480? Here it is.

ac44 nickel.

More ac44 nickel (you get the real grips with this one).

byf44 WTF!

Different mfr's - same serial numbers.

A 'p38k' made from a cyq.

Sawed off on two sides (cyq).

WW2 p.38 updated for the 21st century.

If you store your p.38 in a wet holster for 1000 years it will look like this...

(very) fake police pistol.

Aye, matey. There be gold here.

Short and shiney.

ac42 ready for a stealth assignment.

Plated mismatch.

cyq loooooong barrel.

M16 flash supressor. At least this one has a front sight.

Highly polished and plated (early Walther).

Ho-hum. Another Gestapo gun (cyq).

No front sight, hammer chopped, half a trigger guard... What the ?!?!

Chopped and channeled byf42.

I'm sure the ATF appreciates the removal of the serial number...

That's not corrosion, it's a topographical map of the eastern front.

Yet another conversion.

Uh, Humm....

Mauser banner on a Spreewerk.

Uber-rare ac no date, "improved" by Bubba with a trigger stop.

Crusty byf43.

Another bastardization of a rare pistol.

This pistol has a secret map of the moon on it. Probably the property of Werner von Braun.

P.38 versus hacksaw.

"Customized" grips...

Deactivated byf43 with an interesting and completely un-original serial number.

Engraved byf44.

Parkerized and restamped "byf43" with cyq frame.

Now we're getting really creative. This is the only Czech pistol known. Too bad it's not real.

Polished and engraved with a Walther banner. Note to self: Graduate engraving school, THEN de-value pistol.

Re-stamped ac41 (note capital A) - appears to be un-finished ("in the white").

So how do you aim this thing with no front sight?

Barrel engraved "Gott Mit Uns" or "God With Us". Probably not true? (ac43)

Heavily engraved Mod HP with spare barrel in 7.65mm.

Mental note: Lube with oil, not saltwater.

This is alleged to be the former property of Saddam Hussein.

A new take on the snubby - use a rare Vz46!

Mauser snubby. Obviously a Gestapo gun.

This handy mark lets you know the P.38 was made in Germany!

Not much else could be done to destroy this one.

Another custom bubba. (ac44)

Who can even guess what happened here...

Like a mirror it is! (byf44)

Nice job! Ruining an ac44, that is.

The Herman Reed Commemorative. Number produced: one.

Extreme craftmanship went into this Mauser shorty.

Short of running over a P.38 with a lawnmower, this is about the worst you can do. (cyq)

When gold meets a firearm, it can only be bad.

M-16 flash suppressor meets the P.38. A+ for creativity. F for stupidity.

Yet another reason why engraving tools and guns should not be in the same room.

Commemorative butchery part 1.

...and part 2...

...and part 3!

It doesn't get much more painful to look at than this (yes, it's chrome plated).

A nice zero series. Deactivated by our English friends.

"Death's Head" symbol. Some Germans were also pirates.


Uh, a cross between a Mod HP and zero series?

A fake byf44 police. Let us count the errors.

A fake Vz46.

Another variation of the "Gestapo" P.38.

A well done conversion to .22 caliber. Ugh.

If you're bored, take a Dremel and inscribe your own crappy looking Walther banner.

Is that supposed to be a compensator?

More chrome! At least it wasn't a 480...

This fake 480 sure is pretty. Too bad the slide and frame are of the wrong period.

More engraved, gold-plated garbage.

Martz conversion.

Let's put a Mauser logo on a Walther and see how many people we can fool.

If you think you might lose your gun, you can put your name on it. Address and phone number are probably on the other side.

Well, at least it's a post-war.

The Field Marshall would be proud.

The way these "gestapo" guns show up, you'd think there were more gestapo agents than Wehrmach soldiers (Walther).

Buff to a soap-bar contour, then chrome plate and add fake stamps. Sweet.

If your name is Freddie Block, this gun is for you.

P.38 converted to .357 SIG? I'm sure there was a reason. Probably not a good one, though.

Martz shorty.

Yawn. Another sawed-off cyq ('t' block).

It *was* a byf42.

Another bogus and poorly done marking.