AC Late Frame P.38

The "ac late frame" is certainly one of the stranger P.38s a collector could encounter. The majority seem to be devoid of any serial number on any part, while others are serialized. Slides, barrels, and grips may be from any wartime manufacturer, and while Mauser slides seem to be the most common, a Walther zero series and a Mod HP slide have been reported. Some pistols have handmade/homemade parts - recoil spring guides made from grip screws are an example. The frame is the only part that is consistent - Walther manufacture with the "ac" code on the left side. The quantity manufactured is thought to be about 10,000.

When the ac late frame was produced is also unknown. Some speculate that these were wartime 'last ditch' pistols, while others believe they were produced post-war from spare parts. Due to the quantity reported it seems unlikely that these were "GI assembled bring-backs." More likely is that they were produced by some as-yet unknown organization either during or after the war, although anything is possible as to who, where, and when until some proof can be found.

Below is a typical ac late frame. It has an 'ac' marked Walther frame with Walther barrel and Mauser slide. There is no serial number on any part. The barrel is proofed and accepted. The locking block is proofed but has no manufacturer's acceptance marking. It has a Walther marked firing pin, a Mauser marked hammer, and standard late war Mauser plastic grips.

New info: Notarized letter stating this particular pistol was a wartime capture. Also, this pistol was discussed in a 1984 NAPCA newsletter.


Full left-side view

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