P.38 in .22 Long Rifle Caliber


The 5.6mm P.38 was available as a complete pistol, or as a kit for an existing pistol. The kit included a modified and lightened slide, .22 Long Rifle caliber barrel insert, and magazine. Below is a factory 5.6mm pistol. Significant differences from the 9mm P.38 are found in the slide, which has been lightened to allow the relatively weak recoil of the 5.6mm cartridge to cycle the action. The slide also lacks a loaded chamber indicator, as this would rest on the rim of the rimfire 5.6mm round. Although the frame has the usual two recoil springs, the slide is designed so that only one is used. As can be seen, the barrel is not equipped with a locking block or locking block pin (again because of the weak recoil of the .22 Long Rifle round), making the 5.6mm P.38 a blowback design, vice the 9mm's locked-breech design.