P.38 "100 Jahre" Commemorative

This pistol commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the Walther company. It is a standard post-war (aluminum alloy frame and steel slide) P38 with a special slide legend and factory wood grips. This pistol has all the latest improvements, including the "fat slide," hex pin frame reinforcement, and white dot sights. Although the pistol is a 1986 commemorative, the date code on the frame indicates that the frame was made in 1982. Serial number is 437,xxx, which places it in the 1982 production run. Imported by Interarms, it has the Interarms logo on the right side of the slide, along with the serial number and "Made in Germany." It appears to be unfired. This pistol retains the original cardboard box as well as an oak presentation case fitted to the pistol, which was an expensive option at the time.

Note: The full six-digit serial number is present on the frame and the right side of the slide. The last three digits have been digitally removed in the photographs.

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